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Film coating powder
Film coating powder
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PRODUCT NAME:Film coating powder

What is Film Coating Powder?

Film coating powder is a precise blend of polymers, plasticizers, pigments, and other functional additives, expertly designed to create a thin, protective film layer on the surface of tablets and capsules. This process not only enhances the aesthetics of the dosage form but also imparts essential functionalities such as moisture protection, taste masking, and controlled release of active ingredients.

Key Features and Benefits:

1:Enhanced Appearance: Our Film Coating Powder instantly transforms plain tablets and capsules, adding vibrant colors and a glossy finish that appeals to patients and facilitates product differentiation.

2:Improved Stability: The protective film layer shields the medication from environmental factors like humidity and light, ensuring prolonged shelf life and preserving the potency of active ingredients.

3:Taste Masking: Film coating effectively masks the bitter or unpleasant taste of certain drugs, significantly improving patient compliance, especially for pediatric and geriatric populations.

4:Moisture Protection: By forming a barrier against moisture, our Film Coating Powder prevents water absorption and ensures the structural integrity of the dosage form, reducing the risk of premature degradation.

5:Controlled Release: Utilizing advanced film coating techniques, our powder enables the formulation of controlled-release dosage forms, allowing for precise drug release profiles and optimized therapeutic outcomes.


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